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(Writer: Timothy L. Morris)



Evenings used to find me starin’ into a starry night,

Searchin’ through a billion stars for my one and only-one Ms. Right;

Even though I didn’t find you there I prayed time and time I might-,

Wishing in the twilight on a sea of stars my tears blurred from sight.

Lookin’ through a lifetime of souls lost in “meant-to-be“;

All I saw was a million eyes caught in a kind of love I couldn’t see;

Then, I felt like I’d come home to where I was s’pposed to be…

When I found your love hidden in the light you only shine on me!


You make me shine, now, I see forever;

You make me shine, bright as broad daylight!

Every night I get down on my knees…

And thank God, since He sent you I‘ve come to be;

‘Cause, anyone can see…(you make me shine…)

I shine because Your love shines on me!


Like sunlight sets the moon on fire every night,

You touch me and I’m still burnin’ at morning light;

You warm my soul with tenderness, send my spirit into flight;

Your fingertips taught my words… how to get the feelin’ right.

Now, I’m lost in your love-light where a shadow used to be;

’ bathing in the starlight that once was too bright for me!

My soul has a heartbeat where once it couldn’t breathe;

I’m drowning in a sea of light but there’s no need to rescue me!



Every night I get down on my knees…,

And, thank God He sent this love I see…

Because, you shine you make me shine…

Through the love you shine on me!

(I Shine… because you shine on me!)




Eliyon Shepherd Grey

Copyright 2011

Updated:  November 8, 2013

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