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Trovatori is Italian for wandering minstrels, which is the perfect job description for Darren and Caroline as they share a passion for travelling and singing, discovering new (and old) music that they can present to audiences worldwide.

Their travel is not just geographical - they love to journey through musical time and retrieve some of the best songs from centuries past up to the present day - as well as writing their own! They explore different genres of music including opera, music theatre, country, folk, ballads and film themes.

From performing with full orchestra or band to providing their own accompaniment on guitars, Trovatori's talents take them all over the world, performing both on land at international venues and at sea as headline entertainers on luxury cruise ships. €š€šIn the UK they perform in concert halls, theatres, festivals and at corporate and private events.

So let Trovatori enchant you with songs from all over the world, from all over time!

Updated:  June 25, 2015

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