Ventus Resume

      VENTUS is a string quartet founded in 2006 by young professional musicians. We have made over 150 performances such as corporate events, concerts, recordings, public and private social events. We offer a very wide and continually growing repertoire that includes classical music, popular songs, latin songs, jazz and film soundtracks.


- Quartet selected by the French Embassy in Colombia for the Opening Ceremony of the building designed by Rogelio Salmona for the French Alliance Chico in Bogota, September 2010.

- Group selected for live performance at the National Championship of Tango, Colombia 2010 and the International Tango Festival City, Bogotá 2010.

- Musical performance for the 2009 launch of the fragrance of Cartier, Chanel, Bvlgari, D & G and Hugo Boss. Colombia.

- Christmas Concert, Metropolitan Club. Bogota 2010.

- Recording the soundtrack for the film "Aura or violet" (original music by Santiago Lozano) sponsored by the Film Heritage Foundation and University of the Andes

- Evening Colombian diplomatic circles. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Colombia, Bogotá.

- Video recording production of Jorge Celedon Symphonic Project.

- Recording the theme of the Campaign for Presidency of the Republic of Colombia "From zero to forever." Ventus String Quartet, Mauricio & Palo de Agua, Clara Luna Choir.

- Young Performers Competition, Luis Angel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia. Ventus String Quartet.  Premiere of works awarded in the National Composition Competition 2010. Bogotá, Colombia.

- The quartet has performed in major concert halls as Leon de Greiff, National University of Colombia, Otto de Greiff of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, Mario Laserna at Universidad de los Andes, Pablo VI at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, among others.

- VENTUS has participated in masterclasses with Andrew Zaplatinsky (Concertmaster at the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, New York), Detmar Leertouwer (Cellist, Holland) and Leonardo Federico Hoyos (Violinist, Colombia).


“The seriousness, commitment and quality in the presentation of VENTUS QUARTET at the inaugural event Chico headquarters, that took place on September 30, 2010, showed a great image of French-Colombian culture.” BRUNO Lacrampe Deputy Director. Cultural Coordinator. Colombo-French Alliance, Bogotá.
“In the world of events held each year in the country's private clubs, there are many options for music artists. Rarely you can find the interpretative richness, seriousness and professionalism that Ventus has. I have been fortunate to work with you at the Metropolitan Club and the response of my partners has been wonderful. Your quartet clearly represents the strength of the new educated generations who want to show inside and outside the country, discipline and commitment to the arts in Colombia. Many thanks for your love for the Metropolitan.” Warm hug,

Director of Public Relations and Marketing.
Metropolitan Club, Bogota.

“I am very glad to have found a very professional group as VENTUS, versatile in the performances, consisting of elegant and simple people. I worked with them as accompanying of my choirs and soloists. In both modalities is excellent! Keep up that beautiful work! You can go very far! It is delightful to work with you and more, to hear you!!”

Vice President for choral and orchestral corporation of Colombia

Updated:  April 18, 2012

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