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Year 2011

Walter Wainstein has a degree in music of the National Conservatory of Argentina, his specialization is saxophone. He´s been playing sax, flute, guitar and singing Jazz & Bossa at private events since1999 and for the last 5 years he is fulltime applied to musical production. He performed at every 5 stars hotel in Bs As and several important spots around the country.

1. Personal

Name: Walter

Surname: Wainstein

City of residence: Buenos Aires

Country of residence: Argentina

Nationality: Argentinian

Date of birth: 2/9/74

Telephone number: (0054)-(11)-4554-6447

Passport number: 24159287N Date of issue: 14/06/2007

Date of expiry: 12/06/2012

2. Studies & Degrees

. National Conservatory López Buchardo. 7th grade Saxophone National Professor.

. Blues & Jazz for saxophone, improvisation and harmony with Master Eduardo Introcaso.

. Sight reading, embouchure techniques and bebop basics with Master Pablo Rodriguez

. Voice training with Master Sandra Mendoza

. Harmony, improvisation development and musical arrengments for woodwinds section with Master Alejandro Theran

. Ensemble training with Master Alejandro Theran

. Piano studies with Master Guillermo Romero.

. Latin styles with Master Willy Muñoz

. Saxophone techniques with Master Victor Scorupsky

. Chamber music and classical forms with Master Jordi Mora Mar Del Plata 2002(Diploma of the National University of Mar del Plata)

. Introduction to guitar techniques with Master Fico De Castro

. Actually clarinet practicing

3. Selected Private Performances

. Inauguration of the Hilton Hotel Project at Bs As

. Naval Motors Motor Show for Volvo.

. Oftalmologic 2002 Congress for Bausch&Lomb at the Sheraton Hotel.

. Alergics 2000 Congress for Phoneix Labs at the Internacional Hotel in Bs As.

. 2005 Anniversary of the Bs As Producers and Traders of Grains Bureau for over 1000 assistants.

. Naval Expo Show 2003, 2005, 2007

. 2006 Summer season shows at Pinamar´s Bossa&Restó.

. 2006 IWC Schaffhausen show at Theatre Colon with WJazz Deli

. Team training workshops with WJazz Deli for Toyota, Novartis Laboratories, Volks Wagen, Red Megatone, Kimberley Clark since 2006.

. 2006 Clarín-New York Times release with WJazz Deli at the Four Season hotel in Bs As

. Slumberger reception 2006 with La Maquinita at Austral Hotel (Comodoro Rivadavia)

. Visa celebration day at the Hilton Hotel 2006

. Pepsico Friends Club celebration with WJazz Deli at the Four Season Hotel in Bs As 2007.

. 2007 Performs at The Malba Museum with W Jazz Deli.

.Various presentations with Crazy Rhythm Small Swing Band at Four Seasons, Caesar´s Park, Park Hyatt.

. 2008 Piano & Sax performance at the International Hotel in Bs

. Doble Bosa performs at the Tigre Art Museum for the presentation of Tigre Fashion Week.

4. Selected Public Performances

. Several shows with Doble Tango (Hernandez Museum, CC Borges, dance saloons and pubs)

. Jazz jam at Circe Restaurant during 1999

. Found the Marcolino Jam 2000

. Performances at La Ideal may june 2000.

. Various performances at Cavern Club, Jazz&Blues, etc.

. 2007 Christmast week at Punta33 im Punta del Este (Uruguay).

. 2008 Chandon´s events at I Central Market Pto Madero. (Bs As)

. 2009 Pseo la Plaza presentations

. 2010 Private events at Four Season Hotel.

. 2010 VW and Chevrolet special presentations at Sofitel and Four Season hotels

. 2011 sings along with Crazy Rhythm Big Band

5. Musical Production

. 2002 Creation of Doble Tango.

. 2004 Creation of Doble Bossa in wich he sings and plays flute and saxophone.

. 2005 Launches WProductions

. 2005 Creation and leadership of WJazz Deli (vocals, sax, flute & guitar)

. 2005 Creation of La Maquinita (Tango band) in wich he conducts and plays flute.

. 2007 Creation of Crazy Rhythm Small Swing Band

. 2010 Marylin Monroe Live Cover of Diamonds are best girl friends
. 2011 Crazy Rhythm upgrades to Big Band

6. Some Wproductions Customers

. Coto
. Marzans
. Grupo Clarín
. Toyota
. Novartis Labs.
. Bullrich Realstate
. Nestlé
. Dánica
. Hewlett Packard
. Mc Donalds
. Skanska Chevrolet
. Hipódromo de Palermo
. Intercargo
. Pepsico
. Visa
. VW
Banco Galicia
. Banco Rio
. Emerson
. Loreal

7. Teaching Background

. Music EGB teacher at GCBA since 2002

. Saxophone and music initiation workshops at St Xavier school and Bs As High School during 2003-2005

. Saxophone private lessons at Musicarte and La Brujula since 2001

. Saxophone private lessons since 1998.

. Flute private lessons

. Clarinet

8. References

. Ades & Bielicki

Updated:  April 15, 2011

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