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XAVIER PADILLA is a bass player, composer and arranger who has either played, arranged or composed for the GIPSY KINGS, BERNARD LAVILLIERS, CELIA CRUZ, JEFF GARDNER, MARCIA MARIA, DANY BRILLANT, JULIEN LOURAU, ALFREDO RODRÍGUEZ, MARIO REYES, as well as for ORLANDO POLEO, ALFREDO "CUTUFLÁ" FRANCHESKI and French progressive rock group TAÏ PHONG. His international background includes recording and touring with artists such as DUNKEL ZIFFER, CONEXIÓN LATINA, SENTA BERGER (Germany); POLIKANDRIOTIS, PIX-LAX, PANDELIS BENETATOS, IANNIS STAVROPOULOS (Greece); JULIA MIGENES, TITO ALLEN, CELIA CRUZ (USA); GAROU (Canada). From 2001 to 2006 he toured worldwide as bassist with GIPSY KINGS, and wrote for them too.


XAVIER PADILLA is a Venezuelan/French bass player, composer and arranger. He was born in Caracas, where from early as 18 started as a sideman for well known local artists. Early experiences include award wining group AUTANA, touring with salsa queen CELIA CRUZ, ALDEMARO ROMERO and GUACO's leader & arranger RICARDO HERNÁNDEZ. At age 25 he moved over to Europe, he spent five years in Germany, then four in Greece and ultimately established in France, where he lives since 1997. His varied experience makes him a versatile musician, equally confortable as a bassist, composer and arranger in a number of different styles, from jazz to salsa, from rock to pop or anything in between. A musical background based on diversity often allows for natural versatility when is time for personal statements. This can be heard on XAVIER PADILLA' solo album "Tools for Tales". XAVIER first took part in the varied Parisian scene, he then toured extensively worldwide as a bassist with the internationally acclaimed group The Gipsy Kings, and is the author of one of their songs ("Como Siento Yo"). He has as well either played, recorded, arranged or composed for BERNARD LAVILLIERS, JEFF GARDNER, DANY BRILLANT, JULIEN LOURAU, ALFREDO RODRÍGUEZ, MARIO REYES, AZUQUITA, ORLANDO POLEO, ALFREDO "CUTUFLÁ" FRANCHESKI, JAVIER PLAZA, TAÏ PHONG, DUNKEL ZIFFER, CONEXIÓN LATINA, SENTA BERGER, POLIKANDRIOTIS, PIX-LAX, PANDELIS BENETATOS, NICKY MARRERO, IANNIS STAVROPOULOS, TITO PUENTES, JULIA MIGENES, TITO ALLEN, CELIA CRUZ and GAROU.

Updated:  October 8, 2011

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