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      Born in the capital city of Angola in Luanda on December 26th 1988 Celson Mendoca grew up in a small province called Lubango with an an aunt that was a mother to 11 kids. but since he came to South Africa and got into the world of music Celson Mendoca is well known now by his stage name ' Young C'.

Young C is one of the freshest up and coming artist in the industry. His passion for music came in 2004.
But the rap calling only emerged three years later.

'' Well i didn't really get to know my father as a kid, so there was really no one i could look up to as a role model, so that caused my mother to emigrate to South Africa almost ten years ago Since that time things weren't really that smooth for us as family".
Young C also claims that he had a horrible stepfather who would at most times beat on his moms. with all that ' trauma' he could only turn to one thing he believe in most, and that was music, but it was not as easy as that for not even his mother allowed him to focus in the world of music.

Spending most of his childhood on the streets of Bellville in Cape Town, where life of gangsterism and drugs were an everyday thing, it was hard to really focus and try and turn a blind eye, for it was right there After leaving the boarding school Celson or better known now as Young C started writing about his life struggle and personal
animosity towards his unknown father.

Its never easy as an outsider to make it in a foreign country and i battle with that everyday of my life, with discrimination, degretion and evens personal vendettas' But it only builds my focus and makes me stronger.
I'm not here tryna sound like your ordinary rapper that you've heard before.
I could call it a gift or a curse, but either way I'm gon' use it, I've always done my own thing and i don't intend to stop for no reason or anyone.

Like most "Mc's" or Rappers whatever they call themselves nowadays, I'm not just a Rapper.
I'm riding the crest of a national musical movement. It will change the face of our robust and ever changing industry.

I don't consider my style to be common or widely used. My lyrics are unconventional and unpredictable.

Apart from being a bastard child i have been using my music to fight other type of demons in my life. Its not always about the haters that you have and the personal shit that you've been through, but where you intend to move after that and try to make a difference, that's whats important.

Updated:  June 12, 2011

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