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      Caroll was born on the 12th of may 1978, in a little mountain village called Oravita, in Banat region, Romania. Georgeta and Victor would baptize their child with a king's name, Caroll.
Victor, his father, would promise his son a pretty complex musical education. Involuntary, Caroll's father was his mentor, teacher, friend in a lifetime.
Caroll begun singing when he was 6 years old, by taking classical piano lessons at the Art College in Craiova. During the school years Caroll felt inhibited by the communist educational system from that time, as the teachers of the Art College would hurt his feelings and flatten his involvement in his musical specialization and in taking good grades at school. Caroll had let his hair grow, because his parents allowed that to him, as they sustained the anti–comunist phenomena, and that was intolerable for the communist educational system.

Surpassing the malevolence of the school teachers on the occasion of the anti-comunist revolution in December 1989, Croll's parents got a visa for France.
Caroll continued his musical studies at St. Thomas school in Strasbourg, where there were no primal and broken principles like those of communism.
Caroll sustained his first show in France, in Strasbourg at the age of 12, when he was invited to a rock festival, ”Grand Prix de musique”. At this festival Caroll won the “ Show man” prize , for the best show of the festival. At the age of 12 Caroll allready had his fans and he was considered a little rising star.
A few years later, Caroll performed different genres of music. He particpated to many rock festivals in Romania where he obtained some prizes. He got his first prize for best keyboard player in Romania at the age of 16 in Râmnicu – Vâlcea, at the “Constelatii rock” Festival.
A couple of years later Caroll got the prize for best keyboard player at the Rock Festival “Posada Rock” in Câmpulung.
He also participated to different pop music competitions, acumulating prizes and special distinctions.
In 1996 he got the prize for best soundtrack composer in Budapest.
In 1997 Caroll is invited to perform with the band Avatar for their album „The Alchemist”.
With Avatar, Caroll participates to some festivals in Câmpulung, Turnu Magurele (Obscurum Noctis Band & Avatar).
In 1999, in Timisoara at the releasing of the album „The Alchemist” of the band AVATAR Caroll performed a vocal show in a King Diamond manner.

The same year he became a member of Fapt Divers band.
In 2001 Caroll collaborated with Hi-q studio in Craiova.
The same year Caroll performed with Fapt Divers band, in East 17 club in Craiova, the rock concert Godfather Cursed.
In 2002 Caroll records an instrumental album called “Ping Pong” containing night music. He collaborates with Nicolae Guta processing symphonic-rock songs, creating an album intitled “Art Manele”.
In 2003 Caroll creates the album “Magic Sound”, inspired from the “dirty” romanian music, again an instrumental album, with symphonic-rock processed songs. The same year he became the composer of the band Radical din Opt, on their fourth LP, intitled “Roua de lacrimi”( Dew of tears). Caroll decides to retire from Radical din Opt, performing the concert for piano and keyboards Abstract Lou on the stage of the Philarmonic in Craiova.
One year later, in 2004, Caroll's father, Victor Chisar, a great instrumentalist, musical mentor and singer of Craiova dies and Caroll sufers a terrible shock that would influence his musical style. The last book that Victor Chisar had read was called “Reflects of Art”, a book concerning all the great painters and musicians of the Renaissance that have crossed the periods of medieval culture in a pretty refined and decent manner.
This title “Reflects of Art”, that was born at the death of his father, who left to the Angelic art created by God, baptized a series of 5 concerts at the date when Victor ( nicknamed “Geapsanu”) passed away, the 2nd of February 2004.One year later, at the same date a great sorrow from the depth of Caroll's heart would take the form of a bizzare concert on the stage of the Philarmonic in Craiova, concert that was intitled after that book, “ Reflects of Art”.
In 2005 Caroll goes to Frankfurt as a special guest in Aqoustique band and then to Milano, Italy where Caroll is honoured to collaborate with the band NIANCIN. After that Caroll performs in Paris, France with Karin Ziad band and Incognito band.
By the end of 2005 Caroll's health has been affected by severe trouble with his sight, which were caused by some projectors during a concert in Paris. He spends December in a hospital in Frankfurt under medical surveillance..
In 2006 Caroll performs the second part of the concert “Reflects of Art” on the stage of the National Theatre “ Marin Sorescu” in Craiova, a medieval progressive rock with gothic house influences concert.
This concert was based on the pain of loosing his father, Victor Chisar. It was a 3 keyboards concert, and Caroll collaborate

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