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- For professional purpose:live music performance us a session drumer & percussionist in any styles ,with a bands , DJ or backintracks, sequencers and any other electronic devices , improvisationin live and sudio- clubs, comunity & art centers ,festivals,play live dance music in any venues and any occasions - partys ,weadding,cooperat functions,receptions also recording sessions,composing,arranging any kind of music in any stylespluscreate a lansd scape percussion & synth sound on live & studio ,moove sound tracks ,sequencing a full tracks and backing tracks,and also teaching instruments - drums,percuss.instr.piano,keyb.and music programs , electronic devices ,synth and also make a schools and comunity centers demonstration and drum clinic contact: Marek Podstawek - Lalor,Melbourne Ph (03)94654545 or Mb.0402432918 Em: - and ARACHNIDS Drumuniverse

Let's check my Your Tube (drumuniv) for my Videos with a bands and sologigs and Motionbeatz (arachnids) for Audio with my original instrumental music - I love a Music very very much thats why I continue my profession

in any cases any time - Marek P. ( MP3)

Updated:  January 11, 2012

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