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Barry White Tribute Paris is the fruit of a long friendship between Kersley Saramandif drummer percussionist and Gerard Rose iconic voice of the project. Both native of Mauritius, they worked many years in the major hotels of the archipelago and internationally. In March 2012, Kersley decide, as illustrious compatriots before him to try his luck to new horizons and participate in the conquest of France. Gerard joined in December 2013.

Motivated by the desire to share their passion, they do not hesitate to go to the meeting of French musicians. A combine their ternary roots of Sega that bit of pop music and will soon discover the different working methods of the Islands.

It is natural that a few months later, they decided to form their first group: the "FunkyBoys Band".

This group consists of 5 musicians: bassist Patric E Bonéré, guitarist Daniel Valente, a pianist Edison Knight, a drummer and a singer. They occur in concert cafes, restaurants and private parties in the capital. Their varied repertoire (funk, soul, blues, jazz, reggae, variety), allows them to reach a wide audience.

In 2014 an idea germinated in the heads of our comrades. Making prestigious music paying tribute to the great artist, dubbed the king of soul "The Baritone of love.

Both fans of Barry White, they decided to launch this major project. Motivated by the encouragement of a public all acquired to their cause, they plan to expand the group by including a horn section and are encountering Lagodzhi Olivier Julien Laborie and Coviel Gazeilles trombonist respectively, saxophonist and trumpeter. No Barry White without the sweet and haunting tablecloths ropes. As obvious a meeting is with Maria Helena Vasquez, Gabriele Dello Preite and Alissa Welsh cellist and violinists respectively joining the training.

Later the arrival of two singers Virginia and Lauriane CHALAMON Ludosky will reinforce the great team by bringing a feminine touch to her voice. Just as the arrival of Cyprien Sadaa that will bring its subtle and delicate touch on percussion.


The Rose Orchestra includes the most famous titles of Soul lover. A show an intense hour and a half where the music overwhelms you and takes breath in a public applicant and conquered.

A great energetic orchestra composed of talented musicians in the service of legendary songs, enhanced by the deep and serious voice of Gerard Rose which is comparable to that of Barry White.

A Big Band consists of 17 various musicians horizon, no less than 7 different backgrounds make up this musical melting pot and bring to this great adventure all the richness of their culture to honor legendary titles like You're the first the last my everything, Let the music play, Just the way you are ...

The Rose Orchestra Barry White Tribute his talents during shows

prestigious in various festivals in France, luxury hotels, communal celebrations and private parties. Their highly acclaimed passage for the Music Day 2015 in Clamart and Neuilly-sur-Seine in France and a first prize winner at the 2015 Soul Trophy has only strengthened their resolve.

The Rose Orchestra is an orchestra Parisien, only Barry White Tribute of France to offer a quality show incorporating all the codes of the famous Singer Composer.

Desiring to perform before a large audience, to go abroad, to access a known and well-deserved recognition.

Currently the group is working on a single ...

No doubt he will rally the nostalgia of this monument of Soul music.

The adventure is just beginning. A track and see on stage absolutely!

Updated:  May 14, 2016

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