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      Gökhan Cebecioğlu was born on March 8th, 1979 in Izmir, Turkey. He developed a keen interest in music during middle school. Back then he was especially fond of the rock genre. He first picked up a bass guitar in high school when he was 16. He performed in various concerts as part of the school orchestra. All throughout high school he played bass with a number of local heavy metal and rock bands. In the year 2000 he recorded the album Cold Caress in the heavy metal genre with his band Leviathan. Later his fascination with the Jazz music enriched his musical pallet. After high school Gokhan added pop music to his musical vocabulary by performing with several bands at bars, clubs, and banquet halls. This is when he chose music as a career rather than a hobby. Throughout his 16 years in music he has performed with a large portfolio of popular musicians in many parts of Turkey as a bass player. Between 2004 and 2007 he perfomed with a well-known musician in the Izmir region, Zafer Çebi, as well as the Izmir City Orchestra. He is a committed member of the Moreno Band, a Swedish band that performs latin and flamenco stlyes. He moved to Istanbul in 2007 where he still keeps a busy schedule as a bass guitarist.
Moreno Band
Cem Moreno............guitar, vocals
Gökhan Cebecioglu...bass
Calixto Oviedo.........drums, percussion
Unnar Johansson......drums, percussion
Andres Douque........keyboards
Gökmen Nacaroglu...keyboards

Moreno Band recorded their first maxi single titled What's Goin On in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011. The band currently perform in their home country and overseas.

Updated:  July 7, 2013

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