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      Daniele Guidazzi, was born in Cervia (RA) Italy, in 26 january 1950.
He began to study piano in 1955 in Cerva, then in conservatorio Nicolò Piccinni, in Bari till 1960 and after in conservatorio Giovan Battista Martini in Bologna till 1974. He He also studied composition and jazz orchestra arrangement with Ettore Ballotta at the Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna .

He has been resident arranger in Miura Records and in Ricordi ( Milan ) performing a lot of italian artists till 1977. In 1969 he has played in S. Remo Italian Festival orchestra.

After this he has built a recording studio in Romagna, near Ravenna.


Some labels and studios:

Miura Records ( Sandro Celentano ), Ricordi, BMG Ricordi, Irma, Rca, Fonogram, Alabianca, Top studio Record, Il Castello ( Carimate ) Heaven Studio (Rimini) Creative studio (Forli), Duna Studio (Ravenna) CERONI LORIS - LE DUNE RECORDING STUDIO, etc...etc...

Theatre cinema television: Teatro del Drago, LOST, DEAD OR ALIVE (The Horror Show Must Go On) « N.D.O, NEW_DANCE_ORGANIZATION, Atelier del cartone animato, cinecittà, Rai, Mediaset.

Some artists:

Gianna Nannini, Checco Marsella, Alice, Battiato, Zucchero, Gianfranco Reverberi, Sharon May Lynn, Linda Hermes, Emanuela Cortesi, Tito Valdez, And many many others.

Schools: Scuole statali: Scuole medie statali (varie ), Licei statali (vari ) private schools ( varie ).

He has wrote many methods for private schools.

Some experiences:

He has played with a lot of groups from 1964 till 2011. ( best experience with J.Hendrix in Bologna, Italian tour 1968 Group : Meteors with Dody Battglia ( pooh ) ). http://jimihendrixitalia.blogspot.com/2008/07/jimi-hendrix-experience-bologna-26.html

He has conducted symphonic orchestra and big bands in many events: in Rome ( notti bianche ), Viareggio, S. Remo, Rieti, l'Aquila, Alassio etc.. etc.. linking live classical music/fireworks with dedicated softwares.

He has played in the best hotels in Italy and in the better disco clubs.

Now is performing a lot of young artists and is writing soundtracks and musicals, practicing music therapy and vibrational medicine.

Is studying quantum physics and is member of American Physics Society.


Updated:  January 3, 2012

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