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      Back in the 90s her music carrier started as lounge singer and entertainer in the local night scene in Russia. She has worked with an Armenian Russian band with a variety repertoire of music. mainly cover music but also local traditional songs.

Begin 2000 she moved to Italy and worked as professional live singer in Napels and Milan. Together with an Italian liveband she performed in several bars around Milan. The main genre she performed were traditional Italian folk songs like "Thorne Sorento"

After 5 years traveling around Italy Di Diamond moved to France in Paris Together with a live band she continued performing as singer in bars and weddings with a repertoire in many genres .

Di.Diamond Artist of International EMME Group( U.S.A) and Artist of International TALENTSOFWORLD.COM . licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (c.c) Now is start like producer musical and songwriter,composer and singer Di.Diamond start work for shes albume "Diamond" in dance trance house electro club music . Make coloborations work with many producers frome many countres and DJ make new original songs! Some songs have now out in relises in Itunes Amazon and many over major sites. Producers Name Mr Friso ( Sync Diversity)frome Nederland, Andy Leech England, Bandi 42 U.S.A, Unisyn U.S.A, DJ Von Ander Planet Portugal, Andy MaC England, Psycho Denmarc. Song Likes " Barbie"( Music by Mr Friso Lyrics and Top Line and Sing Di.Diamond ) " Walk With me " ( Unisyn and Di.Diamond) and many over new songs!

Irina Kashukoeva
Russia Nalchik
blakmarkiza@yandex.com - +79380790443

Singer Songwriter Di.Diamond

To Present
Artist name (EN) Irina
Category Category of Artist's Singer Songwriter Producer Music
Country Russia
Stage name (EN) Art Name Di.Diamond
(A pseudonym that will be displayed in your profile) Di.Diamond
Surname (EN) Kashukoeva
Date of Birth 04.07.1978
Height (EN) 165 sm
(Height in inches without heels)
Weight (EN)
(Your weight at the time of completing the questionnaire in kilograms) 59 kg

Hair color (EN) Blond
(For now)

City of residence (EN) Nalchik, Russia
(A city in which there is at the moment)
Citizenship (EN) Russia
(Citizenship passport) Russia
Availability pasport Yes
(The number of blank pages for visas at least 5 and valid until at least the end of the employment contract)
Valid 22.04.2018
Experience (EN) Yes
(How long you have worked in this category (eg 2 years) 10 years
Place of work (EN) :
Russia Night scene, Italia Napales, Milan Piano Bar,
France Paris "La Cantin Russ" , Life Band BBB , Cann Night club and
Piano Bar Restoraunt
Widding , Paty Privat, Birthday. Discografy 2014-2015

(Brief description of the places of past work in this field)
Desired terms of the contract (EN) Avalable in February 2016
(The period for which the most ready to contract terms including visa and / or other documents (eg 6 months)
No More 1 years
Started working
(The date on which you are ready to get to work)
February 2016
Additional information about you (EN)
I Have
experence work in music like singer more 10 years I work in
duo with gitaurist and with piano player in trio with guatar
and keybord and with life band 6 pice .I have experence
work in many Style of music Bluse Soule Rock
Dance Pop Latin clasic italan songs.
Now in 2014 i start work in New
Style of music Electronic club dance trance music
i work like singer songwriter and producer with
coloboration with many Producers and DJ frome many countres
(Sync Diversity Holland, DJ Von Portugal, Unisyn U.S.A Or, DJ ZZZXZ U.S.A Ca,
Zderiza86 Italy, Timless Italy, Psycho Denmark, Mr.Friso )

Now all My
Repertoir exclusive our music that have alsoo in
Relises in 2014-2015 in all the best site of music like
Amazon , Itunes and over. Our musc in Radiostation
You can lisen in Radio Show in Streetlinkradio
Di.Diamond have in 3 post of Paris Dance
Reverbnation Chart!

we-chat (EN)
( hidden)
Photos Video and Audio
Number of finished rooms (EN) Repertoir( Name of Song) : Repertoir( Name of Song) :
1. "Walk With me " Di.Diamond & unisyn (Dance)
2."Barbie" Di.Daimond & Sync Diversity

Updated:  November 1, 2015

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