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      Director - Holamjipa Arts Business.

My name's George Mokaila, stage name: D_punkster. I'm a Pop/R&B/KwaiTech/Rock musician who's also a guitar, piano and keyboard player from South Africa. My music is pop/r&b fused with techno as well as kwaito beats to give it that edgy, electronic feel to it. Before you know it it's all soulful and highly sexual with acoustic guitar playing in the background. More like Seal meets Rihanna connected with R Kelly as well as Swedish House Mafia somewhere on some underground techno gig... Pretty hectic I know - Lol! I've been singing for nearly 20 years now, featured in groups like THE MOTTA-MOCKS (POP/R&B) and BLAZE (GOSPEL). Obviously, the thought of going solo was always there and now I believe the time is now.

As a composer I usually create songs by writing down lyrics accompanied by piano, guitar and/or keyboard chords. Out of all the instruments i mentioned above, guitar is my first preference when coming to practising, composing, recording and performing live. By the way, it's the first instrument I've ever used anyways, the rest followed. In fact, i use it for basic chords only to fuse them with keyboard and/or piano melodies later.

Generally speaking I'm shy, crazy, emotional and moody with lots and lots of creativity and vision while open to fresh ideas, coaching, advise and mentoring. So feedback from anyone is always more than welcome: anywhere, anytime. So feel free to let it rip. Hahaha... NO RULES! I'M A SUCKER FOR INFORMATION AND ADVISE!

When it comes to charity events, collarborations, messages, advises, feedback, suggestions, bookings, comments, deals, sponsorships, funding and quiries, feel free to drop a message on my inbox or phone me on my number. Your responce will be highly appreciated...



Updated:  March 22, 2018

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