duokamelya Resume

      Duo Kamelya is coming from Bulgaria and have been performing since 2001.During this period they have traveled in Turkey,Germany,Norway and Morocco. They are a great combination of two strong vocals,keyboards and percussions.The duo sings all kinds of popular music styles,and its members are famous with their dedication in entertainment and communication with the audience.They are a cheerful team with a lot of energy and excitement, who will play with fun and will provide you the best music,and usually does its best to make your evening a great success.They play with perfect interpretation and emotion,with modern sound,who will impress the most demanding international audience.They have large repertoire including a lot of german,french,english,spanish, russian,italian,portugese and other songs.They perform oldies,evergreens,german ''schlagers'',french ''chansons'',latino hits,christmas songs and songs for special events,ballroom songs,hits from 70's through 90's,brand new top hits from 2000-2020, Soul / R'n'b / Hip-Hop hits,as well as songs from East Europe(turkish, bulgarian,greek,russian and serbian songs-wich are now very popular in Europe).Their repertoire has grown a lot over the years(over 500 songs to date),to meet every taste.They play and perform 80% of our repertoire alive using 2 professional keyboards(Yamaha PSR.3000 and Korg PA.60)and the rest 20% of the repertoire are midi files, but these are songs wich cannot be perform only by 2 persons and 2 keyboards.Usually these songs are known by all the guests,but the files for these songs are with very good quality,and they are specially chosen for Yamaha or Korg,so the sound is the same as playing alive,and the guests usually cannot find the difference between playing alive or playing midi files.Also they perform the requests of the guests,and if they don't know the song,they are looking for it,and in very short time they already perform it.They accept advices of the guests, also they are asking them for the most popular and brand new songs in their countries,so they can enrich the repertoire.They play also on a special events,such as Beach party or Gala night,where the guest can enjoy a specially chosen songs,wich are making a good atmosphere.But also they play for other important events like Christmas Night,New Yearï¿Ås Eve,birthday parties,coctails etc.For the 4 to 6 days in the working week they are making a list with the songs,wich they will perform,so they don't repete no one of the songs twice.They are working together with the entertainment team,even sometimes they are helping them in the programme(music queezes,karaoke nights,guest competition with musical accompaniment,or playing before or after the show),so the guests can enjoy the show,and they don't get bored.The both members of the duo speak english,french,russian, turkish,basic german,polish and serbian-croatian,wich make their communication with the guests easy.The communication with the guests is useful for them,and for their work,so they know the requests of the guests. They answer to any questions,as well as they discuss with the guests different topics of conversations.

Their motto:
Our work is giving us a pleasure,so we do it with fun,and not like an obligation, but we are taking seriously our duties!!!

Updated:  March 28, 2021

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