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      HI,i'm a Filipina.40yrs of age.Bubbly and loves to travel.
I'm a professional singer for 12 years.i used to work abroad for 8years as a hotel,band,cocktail lounge singer in Tokyo,Japan.
i sing Ballad,jazz,pop,..and Old time fav./Standard musics like Frank sinatra's,tony Bennet's,songs are my forte.
I'm good with just a piano man..just let him play & i'll sing!
i've got a husky,sexy,sultry voice.
I'm a Bachelor's Degree Holder (BS Nursing).
An articulate,flexible,fun to work with person.
I speak english & japanese fluently.
I'm very much interested to work abroad again, preferably in a 5 star Hotel lounges & cruise ships.


Updated:  November 19, 2009

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