Emma Diva Resume

      I am a professional vocalist & musician available for studio sessions, live performances, and remote sessions via Logic/ProTools etc. I coach clients (vocal technique), teach music masterclasses and songwriting workshops for various clients, and tutor individual learners (strings, piano, music theory).

Please email me at info(at)emmadiva.co.uk for further details on any of the services I provide or to propose a project.

I have worked in the music industry since 1991 and have toured extensively in the Contemporary & Classical fields. Highly-skilled and adaptable to all genres, I love new challenges and am open to myriad collaborations.

I play several instruments, but my specialities are vocals & strings (classically-trained violinist, also play viola, cello, and double bass). I have a rock album out under the moniker Queen Tantrum (Propaganda, 2007) and appear on several Clubland releases by AATW/Universal with Booty Callers and Tokyo, additional mixes by Flip'n'Fill, and tracks mixed by Micky Modelle among others. Recent clients include the BBC and BCM Planet Dance, Mallorca.

Updated:  October 22, 2011

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