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Ima singer keyboardist,my repertoire includes pop R&B and jazz both ballads and dance songs from 70s 80s and 90s also my original musica at www.fede4real.com .I play by ear,my vocal range alows me to sing female classics too like whitney Houston or high pitch songs by Michael Jackson. I can also include any song in my repertoire I play by ear and it would not be a problem.

I also like to play jazz talk music,intrumental segments in my shows. Beautiful chords to create the right ambience. i mix the classic sound with new urban sounds so everybody is happy. Everything from Sade to Babyface or Celine Dion. And of course my jazz soulful sound that has got great critics in the UK.

Here its my artist Bio and press



Fede4real is a singer, keyboardist songwriter, producer, performer, filmmaker, actor and fashion model. The first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to Fede4real is talent but there is a story behind that talent. It's a story that begins in Equatorial Guinea (Africa). Raised with his mother (Spanish) and his father (Equatorial Guinea) at early age Fede learned to play piano with his father, a great jazz guitar player. He played blues and jazz as kid while being influenced by African percussions just for the love of it without knowing what the future hold for him. When he was 12 years old his family moved from Africa to Spain. Fede then took classic piano and singing lessons and singing at church shaped his high tone voice. When he turned 18 years old Fede moved to Madrid and got into the modelling industry. Soon he was selected for cast in major TV commercials, top fashion editorials and top fashion shows. Fede has worked in commercials and printing ads all around Europe, has shot commercials in Europe and U.S, and grace top fashion magazines like Maxim, SportLifeVanidad and Marie Claire. Fede also walked the Madrid Fashion Week shows many times, the biggest fashion date in Spain, has worked with HugoBOss,Diesel. Please click the following link for modeling pictures


In 2003 Fede joined a boy band in Madrid. The group was conceived NSYNC alike. Fede took the lead in the group teaching singing and being the lead singer. He started to write his own songs for the group in 2003 but lack of work from some members made the project fail. He then did hide for years, improving his singing and production while writing songs. After working in his first songs, Fede decided to go straight for his debut demo album REBIRTH 03.12.06. Fede4real wrote and produced the album. Fede directed and produced 2 music videos for REBIRTH 03.12.06. It included R&B pop beautiful ballads and fresh mid-tempo funky tunes but somehow he was not satisfied with the sound and cancelled promotion. It was after this demo album that Fede describes as a “learning experience” that he defined his trademark sound. Moving closer to the roots of black music FUNK TEMPLE is an album with beautiful compositions and arrangements. He played keyboards guitar and drums and overall wrote produced the album. At first the album was conceived as a funky album with a fresh urban sound with the aim of rediscover the genre to the youngest generations. Surprisingly Funk Temple ended being a tribute to all the great black music from XX century. Twelve songs that cover most Fede4real influences: Jazz, blues, Funk, gospel, R&B and hip-hop. Fede has presented his album live in NYC at The Sugar Bar venue hosted by the legendary Motown songwriters Ashford and Simpson, 40C bar and other small intimate venues in NYC. Performing video in NYC in this link jamming with the Sugar Bar houseband without previous rehearsal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM52C5MHZ_s

Funk Temple did hit radio stations worldwide from Netherlands to NY with great feedback from the jazz neo-soul and R&B field. The opening track “Ebony Seduction” got great airplay in the UK and was included in the best of the year selection of Dazzling Soul independent blog and others. Fede has also shot and directed a music video for his funky hit “Maybe” in NYC that includes special effects. The video was selected finalist at Puro Cuatro in Urban category a national music video contest in Canal Cuatro Spain. Watch video in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-l7XrgHxqk

Funk Temple is still available online at i-tunes and amazon store online. It's also available from www.fede4real.com . Fede started composing for his third project during the Funk Temple tour in August 2009 while in NYC. He has recently released the album called JAZZYLICIOUS an album with a heavier jazz influence. His best work to date an intimate album that includes jazz soul funky and fusion sounds with Fede4real trademark sound. Jazzylicious is getting great reviews in the soul and jazz fields and Fede4real is offered interviews in both sides of the ocean. The radio single “Paradise” sounds flawless, like a jazz ballad standard from the 40's and the album funky tittle song “Jazzylicious” is also a favourite in soul and jazz stations.

Once again Fede wrote composed and played every instrument in the critic acclaimed album. Fede4real is currently planning music videos and putting together his 2011 summer tour. Due to the interest in his music due to Jazzylicious Fede4real has relaunch promotion for his previous album Funk Temple.

Stay up to date on gig dates releases and news at www.fede4real.com .Feel free to contact by email fede4real@hotmail.com Reviews interviews bookings and management offers are all accepted.


AllaboutJazz 2010-11-03

“It is classy, stylish, and timeless. Spanish singer Fede4real surprises us once again with an album that fills the gap between jazz and the urban sound of our generation. Born in a Equatoguinean family, Fede4real is a multicultural singer songwriter and producer whose debut album Funk Temple was described as “Brilliant!" by Graham J Barclay (Soundwave FM, New Zealand). The album received significant airplay in the UK soul underground network and his tour took him to venues overseas like New York's Sugar Bar hosted by the legends Ashford & Simpson.

His follow up,
Jazzylicious, explores the heavy influence of jazz in popular music visiting sub-genres and fusion styles like neo-soul and funk among others. After the radio release of “Paradise," the first single off the Jazzylicious, every top jazz magazine from Downbeat to Jazz Times has expressed an interest Fede4real's music. And after the seductive funk of his debut album Funk Temple, soul DJ's around the world have eagerly anticipated his new release.

Entirely self-written composed and produced,
Jazzylicious pays tribute to his mentors like Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock and cherishes the legacy of the greatest musicians from 20th century like Nat king Cole. A European tour is in the making for next year followed by a U.S. tour in spring/summer.

Jazzylicious is now available on iTunes and at amazon stores online as a full album and single tracks.

Soulchoonz Review on Jazzylicious by Barry Towler

“Fede4Real is the alter-ego of Federico Manuel Ngomo Fernandez and following his recent soulful offering, “Funk Temple”, this young gentleman dishes up a real treat in the jazzy form of Jazzylicious. Born in 1981, it's wonderful that someone of this age is making great music such as this. Having a real ear for tunes as well as being a singer, film maker, actor and fashion model this chap has more strings to his bow than you can account for. Federico really has the knack of a great jazz performer. Take, if you will, a listen to the immaculate crafting of “Paradise” which contains all the elements of a quality vocal jazz recording. Laid back, chilled and sounding as if this was cut live in one take, the vocals are dreamy, almost melancholic and eminently attune to the music that he has created. I think the word we're looking for is ‘atmospheric'! The melody and attunement of vocals reminds me of the same pattern as Keith Washington's “Kissing You” – and a perfect song for a candle-lit dinner. Upping the tempo is the title song with some keys tasty enough to remind us of Lonnie Liston Smith and piano that would have Bob James nodding in assent.

In “The Way It Feels” I hear a flavour of Gary Taylor's recent work, although vocally not in the same league Frederico adds some wispish, ethereal quality to this style and again this comes to mind on the excellent “Searching For You” with it's seductive spoken intro. “Oldschool mama” sets a scene – I can envisage a very warm, cosy recording studio with Fede and his musicians hustled in and simply laying this down. Fede's loving this and his vocals are almost ad-lib in style, riffing off and in his vocalising he is surely attuned to what he is laying down. this cat is feelin' it and that ain't a bad thing in my book! Vulnerability and indecision are part and parcel of falling in love – should there be such a thing – and Fede perfectly nails this vocally and musically. His performance is wonderfully impromptu and adds credibility to his music. He is, essentially, espousing deep feeling and concerns to himself yet to a wider audience. How clever is this?! Check out the superb synth behind all this and the chord changes that make this extra special. If you have yet to check out Fede4real and soak up what this young man of many talents has to offer!

Barry Towler
The Vibe scribe Soulchoonz

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN SOULCHOONZ INTERVIEW Solar radio international with Gary Spence December2010 http://soulchoonzinterviews.blogspot.com/2010/12/gary-spence-interview-with-fede4real.html

“ We really enjoy the album Funk Temple and interview with Fede4real at Strawberry Jazz specially the song Ebony Seduction”

Colin Hughes Solar Radio London

CLICK TO LISTEN TO STRAWBERRY JAZZ INTERVIEW march 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEEhRjh2S7E

READ WWS MAGAZINE INTERVIEW January2011 http://wwsmag.com/updates/fede4real-jazzylicious/

“Fede4real has a nice voice and rhythmic feel. He is a talented singer songwriter and serius about his music career”

Anne Farnsworth. Jazz pianist and vocalist. Teacher and columnist for Concordjazz.com and regular contributor to Billboard Live, Jazz Notes and All about Jazz L.A

Many Sincere Thanks for the CD" Funk Temple " that you sent us recently. BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT We have enjoyed it immensly, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again

Graham J Barclay

Soundwave FM New Zealand

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