garyconnett Resume

Gary Connett is one of the founders of the SC Band of Bloomighton, MN. Members included Dave Barry of the Cher Tour and Janet Jackson. Also, Minneapolis songwriter James Nels Carey and Gary Cook were among the original six in 1980. Since then, Mr Connett has recorded with Moby, Sam and Dave, Gyspy icon James Walsh and many more.... his website is where a eurpoean fans download his mp3's. He has a following in europe, as well in the U.S. Mr.Connett can be seen live in the minneapolis area and is the the studio recording his new album "Barnyard Rhymes". Former Prince Bassist Brown Mark will performing on this album and Mr. Connett is very excited about this noteworthy musician to be on board for the project.

Updated:  April 14, 2010

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