halfpennystudios Resume

      We write, produce & arrange music and voiceovers for international artists and films. We live and breathe it.

We are songwriters, producers and arrangers providing top production with full creative musical support for artists internationally. We create fully releasable output with a specialist service tailored to each artist's needs.

Original high quality songs are produced from our studios to your specifications with your vocals or ours if required. We take your song from demo all the way through to the recording of a radio-ready commercial track. We work closely with all our songwriters and artists to ensure the final track demonstrates their talent to the full.

If you require new originally written music for an album, EP, film or computer games or you have a song idea that needs to be taken to full production... get in touch: http://www.halfpennystudios.com/

Updated:  March 9, 2014

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