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Artist Name: Josie

Country: Maracay, VENEZUELA

Vocal Range: Mezzosoprano

Instruments: Basic Guitar

Languages: English, Spanish

Singing Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Music Genres: Pop, Rock, Latin, Alternative, R&B, Jazz, Dance, Country.


Music Performance Experience:


Jan, 2011 – Sept, 2013

Independent Professional Singer in Music Festivals, Malls and Bars (Venezuela).


Nov, 2013 – Jan, 2014

International Singer at Le Palais Piano Bar, Kinshasa, DRC (Central Africa).



Josie, is a Venezuelan singer and songwriter, since she was a little girl developed interest in music, participates in high school music competitions and later on television shows in Venezuela and Latin America.


Later, decides to work professionally and recorded her first album called

“Una Vez Más” (Once Again) which became popular in her country. She has performed since 2011 in music festivals, malls and bars in Venezuela. By the end of 2013 she decided to work internationally, starting at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.




Social Networks:

Facebook: Josie Official

Twitter: @JOSIEmusica

YouTube: josiemusica


Updated:  February 21, 2014

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