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LITESOUND is one of the most commercially successful groups in Belarus. The band played more than 130 shows in the last two years. Their songs in rotation on the leading radio stations.


Finalist, "Doroga na Evrovidenie", Belarus (2006)
Winner, Festivale Internazionale de Maiori, Italy (2006)
2nd place, "Pesni mira", Moldova, (2007)
2nd place, Eurofest, Belarus (2007)
Winner, "Ambasovishe", Belarus (2007)
Finalist, Eurofest, Belarus (2008)
The Song Of The Year award, Belarus (2008)
Finalist, Eurofest, Belarus (2009)
Golden Ear award, Belarus (2009)
Ringtone Of the Year award, Belarus (2009)
The Song Of The Year award, Belarus (2009)
Finalist, New Wave Stars, Jurmala, Latvia (2010)
The TOP10 Best Musicvideos of Russia, Belarus, CIS and Baltic countries (2010).

The debut Litesoundís album called Going to Hollywood was released on December 5th by West Records. The armies of fans and all the musical community had waited for it for years, but all this time they had been pleased just with several singles. So, the song called The Life became a super hit after its appearance in a commercial of a major East Europe mobile operator. The Life stayed in the top of pop charts for months. Now Litesound with their song Summer Trip leads MTS mobile downloads charts. The album Going to Hollywood got the third prize among the best selling albums in Belarus just in 25 days!

Updated:  February 29, 2012

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