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      "I play because
I love to perform.

--Lou Mars


-Appear and featured artist in Dixon Drums Documentary "How to be a Great Drummer"
-Set 2nd longest Marathon Drumming World Record at 108.5 hours January 2010
-One of only three drummers in the world to ever play over 100 hours marathon drumming
-Grand Prize Winner National Dixon Drums Drum your way to Hollywood Contest
-Appeared and performed in the Warner Brothers Recording Artist "Sharon MaRee" Music Video "The Way You Love Me" winner of the GMAC award
-Appear and perform in the documentary "Beat 5"
-Appear and perform in the Moody Scott documentary
-Reno Jazz Festival Tied for Second Place
-Voted Most Likely to Succeed in Band (BH Certificate Hayward Calif)
-Voted Greatest Contribution to a Band (BH Certificate Hayward Calif)
-1st Place Battle of the Bands (Tucson Az)
-2nd Place Battle of the Bands (Tucson Az)
-Granny Awards Nomination (Denver Colorado)

"He's (Lou Mars) got
a Gene Krupa thing
going when he plays
on those toms! "

--Mark "Moke" Bistany
Professional Drummer
Los Angeles, CA

Notable Venues Performed:

Westlake Studios (Los Angeles CA)
The Whisky A Go-Go (Los Angeles CA)
The Roxy (Los Angeles CA)
The Hilton Circuit (four corner states)
The Ogden Theater (Denver CO)
Kennedy's (St Louis MO)
Club 1082 (Denver, CO)
University of Arizona (Tucson AZ)
The Night Train (Tucson, Az)
Hurricane (Chicago)
Marched (and played)at Halftime with UC Berkeley (California)

Bands Played/Performed With:

Dean Bruni
Broken Toyz
Moody Scott Band
Sharon MaRee
One High Five
Sara 2 Mars
13 dead
Simply Irresistible
House of Games
Love Sandwhich
Shadow Box
Westbound Express
Wolf Tongue
Sweat Water

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Updated:  February 23, 2011

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