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Manny Cepeda Orchestra headlined the halls of San Diego’s newest prem iere dinning and live music establishment – Anthology.  The band comprises an impressive horn section with 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, a Baritone Sax, 3 Latin percussionists and a classical guitar/Cuatro guitar/Paraguayan Harp.  You can check out Manny’s   latest musical compositions at, to truly appreciate the talent of this amazing composer/arranger/lyricist and percussionist.



Manny Cepeda Orchestra performs all over Southern California including Los Angeles and Palms Spring.  He has brought his music and shows to well known country clubs such as Tamarisk Country Club and The Vintage Country Club.  His fiery Latin sounds and the “Classic Salsa” style of his band will keep you dancing all night long!






Manny Cepeda’s latest presentation at Anthology, San Diego brought the audience to their feet and kept them moving for one hour and a half show.  His fusion of musical genres that has become his signature was evident in his opener song “Primavera” Manny’s salute to the beginning of spring!  The band began with the rhythms of Rumba Guaguancó and soon it changed to “Salsa dura” (hard Salsa), and continued weaving in and out of these rhythms until the audience went into a frenzy of unstoppable dancing!  The evening progressed to a myriad of styles including Boleros (ballads), Bachata (Cuban quick ballad), Romantic Salsa, Cha-Cha/Son Montuno and African rhythms like Mozambique, Ñañigo and Afro.   At the end of the show Manny performed on of his best songs “El Mero Mero” (the real McCoy), based on his   experience with the Mexican friends he met in San Diego.  The sound of the brass section punching the music and the fiery percussion created an atmosphere of amazing music and sounds.

Updated:  May 31, 2010

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