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      Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent” by victor hugo
Marie Laurence is a Canadian classical singer with a modern twist. She is a mezzo-soprano and has a great vocal range. After working as an actress for many years, she decided to follow a musical career. She studied singing at École de musique de l'Université du Québec in Montreal.

She started her music career in classical music but then moved to pop. For several years, Marie Laurence performed classical songs including arias, French melodies, German lieds. Later, she listened songs from Evanescence, and decided to focus on that genre of music. Her personal influences include Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turunen, Emma Shaplin and groups like Evanescence and dance music. She incorporates aspects of genres; pop/rock, dance and classical. She uses her pop and classical voices in the same song. As a classical singer, Marie Laurence always sings with classical vocal technique. She said that classical techniques helped her to play with her voice. Her demo, was released on August 2011 and include songs written specially for her: Ready to Go and Rise up!

Marie Laurence self-produces her first classical album Malinconia. This album was recorded in one day. This album of 10 tracks gives us a nice overview of her voice. Malinconia was distributed on a digital label and sold on the internet in 2010. Radio-Ville Marie et Radio Centre-ville played her single Sebben Crudele on the radio.
In 2011, Marie Laurence met the composer Jean-Pierre Isaac (Mitsou, Celine Dion, Les B.B, Marie Carmen...) He composed her the beautiful song Ready to go. Her first single as a pop singer. Community radio stations have broadcast the song and this style of music charmed the audience on the web.
Her second single Rise up! was written by Joe Barrucco, the producer and composer nominated 3 times in Juno Awards in 2003-2004 (Samantha Fox and Mc Mario). This song is a mix of pop and electro.

Née à Montréal, Marie Laurence commence très jeune à s'intéresser aux arts. Pendant sa jeunesse, elle étudie la musique classique et l'art dramatique au pensionnat. Finissante en théâtre au Conservatoire Lassalle en 2002, Marie Laurence a débuté comme comédienne avant de se lancer en chanson. Chanteuse de formation classique, elle étudie à l'école préparatoire de musique de l'Université du Québec à Montréal et se fait connaître dans différents festivals et récitals de musique.
Quelques années plus tard, elle expérimente le chant choral et le théâtre musical. Marie Laurence a chanté en plusieurs langues différentes principalement en italien, en latin et allemand.

Updated:  November 8, 2011

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