olyaandgustavoduet Resume

      Olya and Gustavo, a special combination of love, passion and terderness when they perfoming these music who has been part of their lifes and childhood. They meet each other, one year ago in a cruise ship on board the Maasdam, and after that, they felt in love of their music and decided perfomance together since that day.

She was first violin in a clasical trio and he, the band leader of a trio dancing band. Right now, they perfomance together in different kind of places and on board of ships a well. recently they were on board of the Zuiderdam, making a greats perfomances there as a special hour during the cruises. Swing, bossa nova, cha cha, latin, bolero,waltzes,international music, lounge music, romatic music, instrumental and rock and roll, are just one of the music that they are able to play.

Also, they are preparing their own music for all of us and it promise be nice and relax music. Olya Malkova, an excellent classic violinist, takes her art and convert the traditional music in something sweet and lovely to enjoy, in other hand, Gustavo, a passion pianist and singer, offer us an ejoyable music, enterteiment and many memories.

Updated:  May 18, 2010

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