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      Paul Gannell. Singer Songwriter Guitarist. Being a Rock Funk and blues lover his style seems to be a mixing pot of all three. Paul rose up from the old school of loud raging smoke filled dark and dingy pub rock scene mainly in Australia where he has been playing since the late 70's. So after a 10 year break from music the wonderful age of great quality home recording has lured him back and is loving the whole process again. All songs here have been recorded by Paul with his In house In box Band Phoenix and The Kick Ashes from his very modest home studio. All Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards done by Paul. Paul has toured and supported many acts over the years just some of them are: Def Leppard, Eurythmics, Suzi Quatro, Canned Heat, and Uriah Heap. Aussie acts like Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo, Choir Boys, Ian Moss. Gear: Reaper, Nuendo, Behringer 1002 fx mixer, Rode NT1-A, Behringer C1 Mic, My Trusty old 1962 L series StratOblaster, 1980's re-issue L series Strat, Epiphone Gold Top Les Paul Standard , Boss ME-5 Pedal board, Squire J Bass, Delta Audiophile 2496 Sound Card, JBL Monitor 4208 speakers.

Updated:  July 11, 2011

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