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Rhythm 'n' Soul is the most adventurous sequence + live versatile band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  They’re one of the premier band which offers best-in-class performance to their audience. Due to their wide experience and interest of all musical forms and with a strong individual music background on performing in hotels, resorts, clubs & pubs as resident band, they are very committed professionals and this shows itself in their live performances. They love playing music infront of excited people!

Rhythm 'n' Soul plays some pretty decent songs and is known for it's variety and versatility. Due to their extensive experience, they have an established wide range repertoire of some evergreen numbers and graduated towards of 80's era and newer songs of jazz, waltz, broadways,western countries, blues, rock & roll, pop, rock, r&b, chacha, twist, sentimentals and instrumentals flavors. They are also multi-lingual too.

Rhythm 'n' Soul do accept any kind of functions with a reasonable price and had several experience performing in a royal, vip's, company, private and personal functions, events and charity shows.

Updated:  February 10, 2014

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