Richard The Hammer Star Resume

      Richard Puliti is a rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer who has been in the music industry for 10 years. He first started playing the bass guitar at the age of 16 and after 2 years, he founded his first band together with some school-mates. They played live in youth-clubs, schools and small clubs. He formed his own band HAMMER in 2005 and they have since released two EPs, three full length albums, two live albums and a compilation album. He has also performed and toured across Europe with his band as well as with Fingernails. He has also formed the BIG BOOGIE Band and SKP projects.

Additionally, he is gearing up for the release of the BIG BOOGIE BAND's album volume 1 & 2. In 2017 Richard created a new project called SKP as the lead singer and guitarist. the first EP called Cream and Chocolate (2017) and the first album The Space Follower (out on October 31, 2018) and Hot Space (out on February 14, 2019).
The band currently working on their album Punkster.

Songwriter, composer. Strong touring and recording background.
the "untraditional singer", bass player, acoustic and electric guitar player, piano and synth player.

with SKP (the Sexy Kid Project)
-2017 cream and chocolate (RPMI_EP)
-2018 the space follower (RPMI_CD/streaming)
-2019 hot space (RPMI_CD/streaming)
-2020 punkster (RPMI_CD/streaming)
-2020 exit only! (RPMI_CD/streaming)
-2020 rock is by my side (RPMI_CD/streaming)
-2018 space invader (RPMI _CD/streaming)
-2017 no reason (RPMI_streaming)
-2015 best of...(RA Production/RPMI, EU_CD)
-2013 international motorhead tribute (LA riot survivor rec., EU_CD)
-2012 strike (LARSE, EU_CD)
-2012 strike live (LARSE, EU_EP)
-2010 hammer nation (LA riot survivor rec., EU_2CD)
-2008 no way out (LA riot survivor rec., EU_CD)
-2006 ready motherfucker (RA Production/LA riot survivor rec., Italy_EP)
-2005 first gig: blood (RA Production/LA riot survivor rec., Italy_EP)
-2013 25th anniversary (LA riot survivor rec., EU_CD/LP)
-2013 international motorhead tribute (LARSE, EU_CD)
-2012 fingernails vs Ice One (LARSE, EU_CD/digital download)
-2012 alles verboten (high roller rec., Germany/LA riot survivor rec., Italy_CD/LP)
-2012 Oslo live (la riot survivor rec., EU_CD)
-2012 live in Rome (scumbag rec., Chile_tape)
-2009 best of... (denim & leather rec., Chile_CD)
-2008 getting crazy (nuclear war now rec., USA_LP)
-2008 destroy western world (old metal rec., USA/high roller rec., Germany_CD/LP)

Video clip:
with Ennio Rega
-2006 scritture ad aria
-2011 rock and roll
-2011 i like to play on Saturday night
-2012 let the fire burn
-2012 bo-a, I don't know-a
-2013 wrong way willy
-2014 you aren't ready
-2015 lost control
-2015 let me have a good time baby
-2017 no reason
-2018 up to the limit
-2019 black sheep
-2020 rock is by my side
-2012 Frankenstein food
-2013 metal bullets
-2013 heavy metal forces
with SKP (the Sexy Kid Project)
-2017 forgive and forget
-2018 lost in my hometown
-2018 feel the fire
-2018 emotion
-2018 hard to satisfy
-2019 its all rite
-2019 eureka!
-2019 mama stay with me

-Italian Tour 2014/2013/2009/2008/2007
-LA Riot Survivor festival 2013/2014 Rome, Italy
-European Tour 2014/2012/2011/2009
-Metal Magic festival 2013, Denmark
-Live with Paul Di'Anno Italian Tour 2012
-Rock Hard festival 2012 Milano, Italy
-Armageddon in the Park 2011, Italy
-Heavy Metal Forces festival 2011, Germany
-Live with Misfits Italian Tour 2011/2010
-German Tour 2010/2008
-Raging Death Date 2010, Germany
-Headbangers festival 2010, Holland
-Nuclear War Now festival 2010 Berlin, Germany
-Nightmare over s. Pauli festival 2010/2009 Hamburg, Germany
-Nightmare over s. Paolo festival 2010/2009 Rome, Italy
-Heavy Metal Night Festival 2012/2011/2010/2009/2008, Italy
-Holland Tour 2009
-Live with Uli Jo Roth Italian Tour 2007
-Italian tour 2008
-German tour 2009
-Italian, German tour 2010/2011
-Italian tour 2012

also touring and recording with:
Insomnia, Venery's Brothers, Red Rush, Psygen, Blackened

Updated:  August 29, 2020

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