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      Romano Drom is one of the most prominent representative of the contemporary Gypsy culture in Hungary. Since its foundation in 1999, the Band have traveled the world from Canada to South Korea, from Norway via Portugal to Ukraine and Serbia. Romano Drom 's unique musical world got them resounding success and made them one of the most sought after world music band with a Gypsy heritage.

Romano Drom, meaning "Gypsy´s road", plays in original Olah Gypsy language with modern scoring.

Although their original compositions are deeply routed in the ancient Olah Gypsy music, they can reach a wider audience by integrating the authentic gypsy melodies with influences from wold music and several modern trends.

Their success lies in their unique fusion music in which Antal Kovács (founder and composer of Romano Drom) combines the centuries-old musical culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic, Balkan and even pop rhythms. In the musical arrangement, he is utilysing guitar and bass, as well as the traditional pot and spoon in order to achieve a unique and captivating sound.

Profound emotions, energy and honesty. This is how the music of Romano Drom can be discribed. Their music proudly carries on the traditions of the predecessors, while tapping into a contemporary subconcious. Through this modern bridge they can successfully convei the ancient energy even to those, who have not been touched by this culture before.


2007 Po Cheri - daquí France
2003 romano trip Romano Drom remixes- Gypsy House
2003 Ande Lindri daquí- France
2001 Ando Foro- daquí France
1999 Déta Dévla X- production, Hungary

More About Romano Drom


Romano Drom counts five members but usually perform with a wider instrumantation with seven people on stage, completed with the fantastic voice of Matild Dobi and a saxophone player invited. Full instrumantation: 3 vocals, 2 guitars, cans, cajon, derbouka, drums,scat, bass, saxophone, dance


In the their new project Romano Drom have combined the talents of he best musicians from several bands to form an incredible group, the Olah Gipsy All Stars. Expect a dazzling performance by a group of fifteen amazing musicians and dancers.

Some venues Romano Drom have played (please visit website to see more)

Barbican Center (UK), Nuits Gitanes pour l'Unesco, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (F), Gipsy Swing Festival, Anger (F), Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (NL), Nuits Atypiques de Langon (F), Festival d'Art de Huy (B), Festival d'Ile de France (F), Auditorium de Lyon (F), Expo 2002 (CH), RingRing Festival (YU), Falun Festival (S), Vijlandi Festival (Est), Womufe (H), Sziget Fesztivál (H), Pireneos Sur (E), Rudolstadt (D), Anna Lindh Foundation (Egyipt), Festival Territorios (E), United Island, Prága (CZ), Palais des Beaux Arts, Brüsszel (B), Kaustinen Festival (SU), European Street, Peking (China), Babylon, Istambul (TR), Bard Summerscape Festival (USA), Tom de Festa, Tondela (Portugal), Paléo Festival de Nyon (CH), Ostklub (A), Novi Sad s Ljubavlju Festival Novi Sad (SR), Akropolis Praha (CZ), St André de Cubzac (FR), Schouwburg de Harmonie Leeuwarden (NL),Ulsan Festival- South Corea; International Romani Art Festival Timisoara (RO),Gipsy Festival Oostkamp (Be), Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (DE) ...

Updated:  May 17, 2011

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