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TRIO BALKAN STRINGS (Zoran Starcevic & sons)
Zoran Starcevic - guitar, composer, producer more about Zoran

Nikola Starcevic - guitar, classical guitar teacher, composer more about Nikola

Zeljko Starcevic - guitar,  classical guitar teacher more about Zeljko

   TRIO BALKAN STRINGS the guitar family from Belgrade-Serbia, performs its original instrumental music, a fusion of many Balkan elements: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…including Jazz improvisations, Swing and classical elements. The result, combining many cultures, is rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. more...
   They has performed in many Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music festivals and concerts in: USA (Boston, New York, Chicago, Portland, Washington DC, San Francisco, Charlotte, Greensboro…), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver...), Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia (Moscow) Moldova, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia...They did master classes-clinics and concerts for classical and Jazz guitar students in Europe and in the USA. (NYU - New York University, New Trier High School-Chicago, The Rivers Music School-Boston...). Concert season 2009 contains: Slovakia, Finland, Austria, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro,  more on  
"Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring.
The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. Really good"
                                                                               John McLaughlin
CD Balkan Guitars - Trio Balkan Strings-published by Sunset France PlayaSound/PGP RTS and Starcevic Production
 Sunset France
CD Water-mill -Trio Balkan Strings-published by PGP RTS and Starcevic Production

  FIRST PRIZE WINNER in the World category of the 2005 USA Songwriting Competition with composition Water-mill written by Nikola Starcevic and performed by Trio Balkan Strings
  FIRST PRIZE WINNER -Trio Balkan Strings won first prize and the Dolphin statue for being the best instrumental ensemble on the Music World 2004 Italy Festival Internacionale Fivizzano

06 Aug Bern Switzerland 6. Buskers Bern Strassenmusik-Festival
07 Aug Bern Switzerland 6. Buskers Bern Strassenmusik-Festival
08 Aug Bern Switzerland 6. Buskers Bern Strassenmusik-Festival
12 Aug Budapest-Hungary Sziget Festival 2009
17 Aug Herceg Novi Montenegro Kanli Tower 9p.m. Guitar Art Summer Fest
08-12 Dec Spain Spain Spanish Tour
13-14 Dec Spain Spain Spanish Tour
15-16 Dec Spain Spain Spanish Tour

Booking Agent for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
TAB Herbert Brandner Agentur 
Bismarckstr.27, 10625 Berlin
Tel.: 0049-(0)30-69599-086  Fax: 0049-(0)30-69599-195

Booking Agent for Spain:
Ribera de Axpe, 11 - Edificio A-Local 108.
48950 Erandio (Bizkaia) Spain
Tf: (34) 94 676 56 31  Fax: (34) 94 676 55 05
Guitar maker:
George Ziatas Ziata Classical Guitar 
Duo Starcevic - Nikola and Zeljko Starcevic are playing  
Ziata Classical Guitars made by George Ziatas more
George Ziatas is Australian classical guitar maker specialising in lattice braced carbon fibre reinforced guitars.

Updated:  January 6, 2010

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