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      What do you get when you blend Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Sam & Dave, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash & The Rolling Stones? The answer is Nashville-based cover band Two-Bit Eddie. Don't let the term “cover band” chase you away, these guys can really rock.

Norm Rau (guitar, harp, vocals) founded the band in 2001 with John A. Thomas (bass, vocals). Other band members include Jim Dant (drums, percussion), Stin Fox (lead guitars, vocals), and Arnie Reed (keyboards, vocals). For nearly ten years, this group has performed classic hits to near perfection.

Two-Bit Eddie takes pride in paying homage to the hits of the 60s and 70s. TBE boasts a surplus of tunes ranging from Creedence Clearwater Revival's “Bad Moon Rising” to the Beach Boys' classic “Surfin' USA” and everything in between. “If our song list can't keep you dancin' all night, you need to see a doctor!,” they profess. With such a diverse song list, who could argue?

Not knowing what to expect, I checked out the band's website,, and stumbled upon the extensive list of their commonly covered songs. I couldn't help but smile as many of my favorite songs & bands frequented the list. I thrive on the music of the 60s and 70s; perhaps this is one of the reasons I am able to thoroughly appreciate Two-Bit Eddie. If you have an affinity for music of this era, don't take it from me, scope them out for yourself.

The website also features a selection of performance videos for visitors to sample. You can find a handful of downloadable tracks there as well. Each performance exhibits stylistic precision & instrumental accuracy. Rau's vocal reflects a distinct growl reminiscent of the blues heroes of the 50s mixed with the modern influence of an Elvis Costello. The musicianship of Thomas and Fox provide a backdrop of flawless rhythm. When merged with the contributions of Reed and Dant, Two-Bit Eddie pays exceptional tribute to the legends of music.

As every musician knows, covering songs by well-established performers is no easy task. This problem doesn't seem to faze Two-Bit Eddie. In fact, they frequently joke that they do it better than the original, adding to the good-humor of these five guys.

The band can routinely be found in sports bars and lounges in the Nashville area. If you're looking for a good time, be sure to check them out! With a broad range of songs, there is sure to be something in the set-list for you. I believe it is safe to say that Two-Bit Eddie truly lives up to their motto – “All killer, no filler.”

Dream Row magazine, by Kaylee Sauvey on April 7, 2010

Updated:  May 26, 2010

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