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Music Video Opportunity for R & B / Hip Hop / Neo-Soul Vocalists; Dancers; Models and Extras.

If you are among the above categories and to this point in your careers for whatever the reason you have been unable to find or land a recording deal – you can now record with our Music Production Company.

Contact us now for additional information such as a company Bio; Project Outline and Potential Client Questionnaire.

We are looking for the following talent:

Overall we are looking for dancers, singers, models, extras and actors. Because after we find a good singer/singers to build our project around we would then do a demo music video as part of the promotional campaign.
Selected candidates would sing/Rap and perform in a series of National Showcases or you could be an extra, meaning; act out small parts in the video. A short film is also in the works.
I would say the project would be in the Flavor of a new young Janet Jackson type production. That kind of product, like Ashanti, Ciara, Aaliyah, and Keri Hilson.
If we find the 'right' singer/performer we will record a 12 song CD and/or Mix Tapes; record the said demo music video; do promo shows; take care of all associated business along the way and if successful, create a 'Nationally Recognized R & B Artist' along with the associated team – band; dancers; background singers; and extras .
Note: For all categories, especially vocalist you must posses these qualities; poise, charisma, stage command, ultra-energy, sex appeal and finally ATTITUDE!!

No scrubs please...
Do you have vocal talent?

There’s a Hip/Hop -- R & B Project coming up soon!!!

Serious people ONLY !!!!!!!!!!

stardomtalent@aol.com and/or Lance Justin Butler at –

Cell number is 320-295-8120
Desk number is 303-397-8376

Updated:  March 18, 2011

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