Rosanna Geniole Resume

      Hi there how are you all doing. Will i would love to tell you all about myself i am 29 i live in GUELPH CANADA i always lived in GUELPH. I go to music school i always went there it's called jam music school i had made my own song i am starting on my other new song. Long time ago when i was 14 i always want to start up my own music band name. And go to music school and when years went bye and i was 22 at that time my dream came true the music school had called me to start then from there i had made my songs for my band my band is called hardy rock. And i had my mom to be my manager for my music band and my music band is in need for MUSICIAN. Hi my name is Rosanna i am looking for some musicians that had played for several years. My name of my own band is called hardy rock if interested i need 5 singers in my band musicians 3 girl 2 guys we need a bass player/ keyboard player.lead singer. i have not done this before so i need some pointers of how this works

please contact my manager if your long distant then its 1(519)829-2230

Updated:  June 5, 2016

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