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It's Hard Everywhere by Eric Gichira on March 13, 2018 @ 8:01 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hi Everyone,

This is songwriter Eric Gichira. Would like to bring to your attention a new lyricbook that I've just published. Its title is: It's Hard Everywhere. See below for details about the book. It's inspiring, educational and interesting - the good news is that it's available on Would also be pleased if you'd list it or preview it in your website, blog or other social media platforms. And hey, tell your family and circle of friends about it.
Here are the links:
About The Book:
The world's full of suffering people. Hurting people busy hiding their pain. Walking around, doing the motions, but full of anger and bitterness. And most of them don't know who (or where) to turn to for hope.
The 7th title in the Series: ‘Country All The Way' – ‘It's Hard Everywhere' is my latest lyricbook.
It contains some 30 great Country Music lyrics that are divided into 3 parts.
Part One has lyrics for Male Vocals; Part Two has lyrics for Female Vocals, while Part Three has General lyrics – also great for duets. And hey, each of the 3 parts has 10 lyrics; tastefully written and articulately presented.
‘It's Hard Everywhere' highlights the struggles that people go through in their lives. The issues; the setbacks and the distractions that make up for our daily routine. They could be: financial,work-related, relationships, family, academic, self-esteem, etc. If unchecked – they build up more frustrations and really make our lives dull and miserable.
I've written this book to offer hope to those out there going through hard times. Hope to those battered by hard economic times, and are struggling to put bread on the table. Hope to those trying hard to make it, and even harder – to keep their dreams alive.
All is not lost. There's hope for you. There're brighter days ahead of you. You still can hope again; you still can love again; you still can believe again; you still can get another job; you still can get another contract; you still can salvage your broken marriage; you still can start another business; you still can make it big – even though it's hard everywhere!
‘It's Hard Everywhere' – is also ideal for Songwriters looking for new experiences and fresh lyrics.Those with an eye for detail and a heart for diversity. Those looking to cut a hit and blow it big in the music industry. This one's for you.
This title is equally ideal for that gifted tunesmith who's been looking all over the place for great lyrics but hasn't found any. This one's for you. Buy this title and get down to work!
For everyone else, get this lyricbook and read it carefully. Get the message, learn the lessons, and you'll discover that you still can smile again. Have fun!
Thanks always,


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Re: It's Hard Everywhere by Eric Gichira posted by Gichira on May 4, 2018 @ 1:11 pmReport this post as inappropriate#2
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I love the title of the book "its hard everywhere".
i read your message completely, i wanna ask you some questions that how we love again? how we trust again?
By the way i found all this very interesting. i'll definitely read all the lyrics in this books. maybe my heart found some peace in it.

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