EASIEST WAY for Digital Track Playback posted by Dr Thomas Marino

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EASIEST WAY for Digital Track Playback on December 10, 2022 @ 5:51 pm
by Dr Thomas Marino Dr Thomas Marino is currently offline. Click to send a message.

First off, I'm terribly "old school". I HATE having to fiddle with numerous screens and gadgets just to play back one of my digital soundtracks. I'm in a position now that will have me using my tracks regularly for audiences while I play guitar and sing..... I need something SIMPLE and FAST by which to play my tracks, without having to search through files on a laptop or other gadget. Years back, I remember a Quartet who had tracks loaded on a small machine, about a foot square or so, with square buttons on the top.... the buttons were numbered for their selections (tracks), and to play, they simply pushed that button and hit 'play'. I don't know if it was a simple sampler of some kind with the required memory to hold numerous song tracks or what it was...... From memory, it looked similar to an "Ableton" unit....... Does ANYONE have info. on what this could have been, or a suggestion (for an old-school coot like myself) to find a machine that will fill the bill? SIMPLE and easy are the keywords............ Any help would be greatly appreciated.