ISO Male-or-Female Hard Rock or Symphonic Metal Vocalist posted by Hawksearcher

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ISO Male-or-Female Hard Rock or Symphonic Metal Vocalist on January 30, 2023 @ 2:00 pm
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Hello Talented Singers! Does anyone want to help form a fantasy-themed symphonic metal/rock band?

My name is Hawksearcher, an up-and-coming independent YouTube artist who specializes in Celtic, fantasy, and symphonic metal music. I have been utilizing the vocal talents of some of my acquaintances for some time now, but I want to form a potentially long-lasting artistic partnership with a male or female vocalist who can grow with me as my channel starts growing.

This post will:

1. detail the kind of vocalist I would love to make music with, and

2. show some of my own music up until this point .

First, some of my favorite vocalists of all time are Dustin from Starset and Fabvl. If you are able to sing in a heavy-rock, melodic screaming style (or able to switch between melodic singing and heavier emphasized vocals), then you're exactly who I want to form a friendship with . Here are two reference videos that offer a great base point for that kind of singing I'm in love with:



Secondly, more about my own music: I am currently working on my next single, called "Mage," which is a fusion of some medieval instrumentation and (what I would love to be) heavy-rock/metal vocals. Here is a link to the sheet music of the song itself (it's still a midi though, so the instrumentation doesn't sound awesome yet):

For an additional reference (I guess you could say showcasing my mixing and compositional talent), here is my most recent release, "Crescent," which features quite a few vocal layers. My next single "Mage" is not nearly as chant-like; it is more of a symphonic-rock type of song with heavy influences from Sawano Hiroyuki:

And finally, here's an example of some of my actual symphonic metal in the past :

In conclusion--would you like to join me and become a fantasy version of the band Starset? I think we'd have a lot of potential to make it big :D.