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      Dave Mendoza was born and raised in a family of musicians and singers where playing and singing Folk-, Gospel- or Christmas Songs, or even Italian arias used to be an evening activity that superseded the pleasures of staring passively into an electronic image box during his childhood.

Not surprisingly, he had his first public performances in various bands - sometimes featuring members twice his age - at the early age of 13. However, it was not until he turned 17 that he had his first paid solo appearance in the famed "Schwabinger Brettl" in Munich, Bavaria, in August 1980.

From there, it took him to Switzerland, then the coast of Spain and within a year, to South America, where first he became an addition to the live music scene of Vina del Mar, Chile, with a repertory featuring songs by some of his heroes, such as James Taylor, John Denver, Cat Stevens or the Beatles, and little later joined the trio "Silver Lining" from GB and Switzerland in Mendoza, Argentina.

In 1983 he performed in prestigious clubs in Mar del Plata on the Argentinean coast and was recruited there by Thomas Walk from Indiana, who had been member of a celebrated act named Harp in Argentina previously, to form the band "Elixir," which also featured solo compositions of the artists.

It was in Argentina that he collected first recording experiences, and where early recordings of some of his original tunes in English and Spanish were made.

Back in Europe by the early 90s, Mendoza sought ways to seriously record his own songs and to establish himself in the professional music scene of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany, as well as Switzerland and Austria.

After he recorded his first album "One Moment In Heaven" at Human Touch Studios in Constance, he was recruited by the international Country & Blues formation "Cesar & Go West," in which, parallel to his solo career, he sang and played rhythm guitar for 15 years.

The Album "Rhythm of Life" was produced by Go West colleagues Jeff Seopardi and Angelo Signore in Uster, Switzerland, followed by a more acoustic and folkie production named "Whispers" in '98, recorded by Uwe Reith ("The Pace") in Constance.

In 1999 and 2000 Mendoza was awarded Songwriter of the Year, Germany, for his Country ballad "Love-Starved Children by the North America Country Music Association International in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Since 2000, Dave Mendoza has produced and recorded his own "homegrown" albums and to date brought forth 22 CDs of original compositions mostly in English, but also Spanish and German.

He has also produced various Children's CDs and a Christmas CD for Aurora Productions, Switzerland.

As a performer, He features hundreds of songs from 6 decades in various duo and trio formations, and is currently working with his son CJ on an acoustic cover project named "AcousticFreak."

Apart from being author or roughly 500 original songs in 3 languages, an accomplished music producer, power blogger, considered somewhat of a 12-String guitar virtuoso, Dave Mendoza is also an established Guitar teacher, presently teaching at a private music school in Switzerland, as well as a private tutor for English, Spanish, German and both modern and classical guitar.

Having recently married a Chinese violinist he is currently stretching out his feelers for job opportunities in Asia.



Phone: +4915703342272

Updated:  December 5, 2010

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