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I am a solo, male vocalist.   I sing Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Tom Jones, Englebert Humberdinck, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble ... all of the big lounge singers.  Likewise, I do classic oldies including Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Bee Gees, Everly Brothers, Peter, Paul & Mary, Linda Ronstadt and more.  My repertoire also includes modern country artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait, Gary Allen and more.


I have extensive experience in clubs, restaurants and concerts.


My show is a "track" act... meaning, I provide background tracks for all of my songs and sing to those tracks.  Tracks are played with a simple MP3 player through a P.A.   So, while a solo performer, I provide a full-orchestra background to my vocals.


In addition to my work as a solo vocalist, I'm a drummer with decades of experience.  I have several years of classical music training, theory and piano all of which empower me to perform with an extra touch of musical aesthetic.


I am highly professional.  No drugs, no drunkeness, no BS - only professional.  I work as a university professor and I am used to interacting with other professionals.

See my web site for both promo and live photos.  Click to play sample audio files and even video on the website and YouTube.



Dr. Jerry Galloway


Updated:  January 16, 2011

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