Daniel B. Resume

      I have studied the `Classical Piano` 12 years at `Music School` "Queen Mary" (Constanta-Romania); I have followed and improved my tehnique in other `styles of music` over the years such: `Standard music`: Swing,Bossa Nova, Jazz & Blues, Waltzes, Tango, Rumbas, Cha-cha; Rock`n roll , Pop-Rock, Ballads and Classical masterpieces . I have a large `Repertoire` from all over the world which can be performed on different `Occasions` such: Piano- Bars Lounges , Cocktails / Receptions , Hotels , Restarants , Anniversaries , Banquets , Corporate Functions-Events , Grand Openings , Weddings.

*Performances as a `piano-keyboard & vocal player` playing `Solo` , "Trio" and "Quartet" aboard cruise ships "Perla-Calypso-Emerald", working with "Global entertainment productions L.T.D" from Louis Hellenic Cruises - Greece. *Performing as a `piano keyboard & vocal player` at the Hotel Alpenhof-Thurner's Austria - Zurs Resort 5* *Performances in "Quartet Band" as a keyboard player and vocal, making cruises all over Europe , working with Plein Cup and Marina Cruise Company from France Nice. *Performances on the `Black Sea Coast` on `Party events` , Anniversaries , Corporate Events , Piano-Bars , Restaurants and Receptions.

This is my WEB-SITE: www.DanielBelcin.com . Here you can find a lot of details about me as a musician: `Videos `- performings in different styles of music , Repertoire(Songlist),Photos, Biography and Contact.

Updated:  January 17, 2011

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