Mistura Fina Latin-international Duo Resume

      Mistura Fina is a versatil musical duo since 2.001.Sergio Salvatore (vocal and keyboards) has a very experience singing around the world in countries like Japan,Brasil (Club Mediterranee Rio Das Pedras) ,Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines -Voyager of the Seas (Mexico,Gran Cayman,Jamaica,Miami,Bahamas,Haiti) Sheraton Hotels,Costa Galana,First categories restaurants and a many others places.Laura Pirruccio (vocal) has been worked with Pepe Cibrian, the famous Argentinian writer and creator, making Musical Comedy such Otelo and Las Mil y una Noches showing her biggest way to sing,dance and acting the last two years. She also has an experience playing with others important bands and performing Opera (Suor Angelica,Traviata,Rigoletto) and Zarzuela. Together they make an explosive duo and the repertorie contains all kind of music; bolero,cha cha,pop,jazz ,Tango,Italian and Brazilian music,merengue,salsa,ballads,70’80’90 clasic songs and more. They have been performing around Brasil,Chile and Uruguay.

A few Venues where they performed:
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (Voyager of the Seas ) Japan - Kumamoto (Restaurant numero 1) -Fukuoka and Ioujima island (Hotel España) Apart Hotel Torre De Manantiales-Mar Del Plata Hotel Las Hayas (Ushuaia) Argentina Central Casino and Casino Del Mar-Mar del Plata Hermitage Hotel-Mar del Plata
Sheraton Hotel-Mar del Plata

Updated:  March 16, 2011

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