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      Just Soft Duo is a duo with a wide repertoire of songs from all kinds of soothing music (soul, pop, jazz, bossa nova...). Duo is somewhat international, having in mind that the guitar player had his music Academic education in Austria (Graz) and Greece (Athens). With their Academic diplomas, both of the members of this duo are teaching instruments they play (guitar, piano and vocal technique) in their own music school. The unique performance style and sound as well as the wide range of music they play are something that brings them continuous bookings in Serbia as well as worldwide. The character of the band is such that they can play in different kinds of venues - from minor concert halls to, lounges, restaurants and clubs. They also have a great experience playing at various special events (corporate events, functions, festivals, etc.). As a lounge band, their choice of music is such that it brings a wonderful atmosphere and a very special feeling to a nice dinner or an evening in a bar.
Just Soft Duo often performs at corporate events, company banquets, product launches as well as in various advertizing campaigns.



•Inter-Continental, Belgrade, Serbia
•Hyatt – Belgrade, Serbia
•Hotel Mursia – Espana
•Hotel Alexandar – Nis, Serbia
•Hotel in Venice, Italy
•Hotel in Graz, Austria

•Nishville – Jazz Festival, Serbia
•Belgrade Jazz Festival, Serbia
•Jazz Festival - Šabac,Serbia
•Guitar Jazz Festival – Athens,Greece
•Mediana – Niš, Serbia


•Santorini bar – Santorini, Greece
•Blue Note Club – Athens, Greece
•Parafono – Athens, Greece
•Jazzy club – Thessaloniki, Greece
•Va Piano – Belgrade, Serbia
•Hacienda – Sarajevo,Bosnia
•Italian Mall – Belgrade, Serbia

Updated:  May 15, 2011

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