Harold Thomas Resume

      Harold D. Thomas

Born and raised in Detroit. Mich. The home of Motown, I sang my first note when I was pulled from my mother's womb, I was spanked and hit the C note. That's when my career began. I started playing clarinet in first grade and continued until the 6th grade, that's when I discovered the saxophone and all the other instruments I eagerly wanted to play. I mastered at least 5 instruments; Sax, Keyboards, Drums, Bass & Rhythm guitar & Harmonica.
I have toured across Canada with the Boby Curtola Show, opening up and doing my own show opening up for Donny & Marie Osmond, Ben E. King at Lulu's in Kitchener Ont. And other big events throughout Canada including the Apple Blossom in New Brunswick, It's Your Life etc. I have played in Toronto's R.B clubs such as the famous Blue Note and the Network. I took first place at Showtime at the Apollo in Harlem New York and I have a plaque on the wall for Top Dog of the year for 1992. I was one of the nine finalists for Fox’s 50th anniversary Star Search competition which was hosted by Ed McMan and Smokey Robinson at the Fox Theater, chosen from 4 thousand finalists across Mich.
Kim Weston, who was head of a summer youth program which I was a participant and a continuous winner of competitions held throughout 7 summers, was my teacher and guide to me becoming professionally functional. We were taught how to get compensated for the work and talent that God had distilled in us. There is so much I have done; I can't say it all in such a short Bio. I’ve toured Japan for 3 months and I am currently performing and going back to school to learn how to add more technology into the enhancement of my career. My goal is to bring back the attention needed to the talented musicians, vocalists, writers and entertainers who have not had a chance to be heard or seen in our area as anywhere else. I plan to open the doors for all my starving fellow entertainers. I would like to thank God for the inspiration that keeps me going.

Updated:  June 27, 2011

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