Vinny Ciambriello Resume

      Born and raised in New York, went to public schools all the way through college.
Was a science major after attempting a music major which of course was classically oriented.
Found working for people excruciating and the pay awful as well. Went to work for myself 15 years ago and found it excruciating as well, but with better pay.
I've been part of a group called the Song Exchange for 6 years, which meets every Monday, for which we write a song and perform it for the group. It is thereafter critiqued. It was started by folk singer Jack Hardy some 30 years ago.
My aim is to make records, perform live with a group and offer my sensibilities, warped or otherwise, to the vast ocean that is humanity.
In the future, I hope to own something more than my guitar, maybe live in Mexico or the Caribbean. To hope: let us drink!

Updated:  April 27, 2012

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