Vincent Ciambriello Resume

      Lived in New York all my life except for the past 17 months. I now live in Jacksonville Florida.
I practice almost daily to stay sharp, even when I play in flat keys, ho ho.
Have lots of songs.
Want to meet up with cool, easy breezy musicians
Though 64, I'm fit.
Here's a sample of my lyrics


I believe and you believe and everyone believes
There is no finer reason to be sitting in a tree
Watching the view, eating a peanut or two
And shall we go a million strong, walking hand in hand
For no godly reason into some foreign land
Spreading the word, it's our magical turd
And I see the sun in the bright blue sky

We'll be home tomorrow, from our daydream sparrow
Singing away ay ay

I think you'd like it. If you want I'll send you the song via email...if you think you'd like to group up with me.

Updated:  August 5, 2018

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