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      Pascal Wintz was born in 1966 in the French Alps near the beautiful city of Annecy. After obtaining his diplomas for piano jazz and composition from the Conservatoire Populaire de Genève, Pascal Wintz turned towards classical music, obtaining the prize "Gabriela de Agostini" and entered the class of virtuosity at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris.
"First of all, I learned to improvise on the piano in pure jazz-man style and gave my first jazz concerts", he asserts. "Then, I studied the extremely demanding discipline of classical music. Whilst studying in Paris, I interpreted the Beethoven's 3rd Concerto with the Cities University Symphony Orchestra".
Pascal Wintz then made a start giving classical recitals: The United Stated Foundation in Paris, The French Alliance in Denver, The Red Cross Museum in Geneva, Paquet Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, a tour with the Orchestra of the Savoy Region of France.
When his first passion caught up with him, Pascal Wintz introduced jazz into his recitals and presented a cocktail of music from Bach to Duke Ellington.
Inspired by American Musical Comedies and 1930's Jazz, he found a repertoire which suited his musical talents.
When his first passion caught up with him, he introduced jazz into his recitals and performed his variegated programs from Bach to Duke Ellington.
Through American musical comedies and 1930's Jazz, he found a repertoire which fitted his musical aspirations.
Using a fluent neo-classical writing style, he has adapted these popular themes for the piano and has proved his talents as an improviser and interpreter.
"Today, I make a composition of the two styles in my own arrangements. I am particularly at ease with Gershwin's music, both jazz and classical at the same time and with 1930's Jazz at once melodious and lively."
Since 1995, Pascal Wintz has travelled with his own Steinway Concert Grand Piano, which he transports to all locations using a marvellous motorised machine, the "Klavier-Roller".
He has also released several recordings: Jazz Piano 1930, Genuine Jazz Piano, Stompin' with Gershwin, Divertiento Viennois, Plays Broadway, West Side Story, Piano Romantique, Antigone Variations.
"I would like to demonstrate through my musical journey", he concludes "that Gershwin and the Broadway composers, deserve an important place in twentieth century music; like Mozard and Chopin, they were able to write music both brilliant and popular".
Since his first engagements in 1991, Pascal Wintz has performed over one thousand times.

Updated:  August 7, 2011

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