Jayson Jay King Resume

      I can provide all sorts of entertainment based in South Africa. I'm a singer who can perform all genres of music from Rock 'n Roll to Classics with many costume changes. I also play Latin Percussion if I perform with other musicians as a Duo, Trio or full band. I sing in Spanish/Portguese/Italian/Hindi/English/Arabic/French and other S.African ethnic languages.

I can perform as Male/Female duo and render many love songs suitable for matured age groups. I imitate 100% Julio Iglesias, Engelbert Humperdink, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Patrizio, Micheal Buble.

My costumes are as flambouyant as Liberace and my moves are as agile as Elvis. My percussion will have you wanting to hear more from the Caribbean or Latin America.

JAYSON JAY KING is an "Experience" and not just an act. I have 50years experience as a performer and currently performing on the MSC cruise ships. I also recruit acts for "MSC Sinfonia" and "MSC Melody". I am in possession of the Panama Book and all Medical certification.

I work well in Cabaret and mainstream theatres, although playing and singing in a band is very valuable to matured music lovers all over the world. I STEAL THE SHOW

Now that you have read about me, just pick up the phone or e-mail.............

Updated:  October 5, 2011

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