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TropiMambo Duo is a band conformed by the gorgeous Alexandra who is a professional singer from Colombia, she sings mainly repertoire in english and in spanish, and also plays percussion and a kind of guitar tradicional from Colombia, called El Cuatro. The other piece is Julian who is a professional musician and plays several musical instruments as saxophone, guitar, keyboard, percussion and also studied songwriting and music composition.

The band┬┬┤s performance includes international repertoire, Top 40, pop, Gypsy rumba, Jazz standards, Famous latin tunes, Brazilian music, spanish music and so much more. Music that is interpreted with high quality and feeling. TropiMambo has great experience as a resident band in five stars hotels in places as Cyprus, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Qatar and Colombia.

Tropimambo Duo

Updated:  September 23, 2019

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