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KR’EM band has born in 2008 from the former member of Synkron Group, Emi Gui, guitarist, vocalist and arrangements, and the singer Crina Balan (well known across the country as lead vocal of ex Giglio group, in top of national charts with 2 singles and videoclips „Oare de ce” and „Visez” , young, talented, with a nice voice and special timbre, a beautiful appearance), but they often bring other musicians in their gigs, as an extra option, to give more feeling to their music, to have different perspective in each event, to be more versatile, to surprise and please the audience. They are open to any challenge, to any new experience on stage. Emi Gui and Crina Balan, with the same views and preferences about music, starts to perform together in the autumn of 2008 and they become very soon appreciated for they’re warm sound and large repertoire, a mixture of the best dance and pop hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, classic hits of the 50’s and 60’s and lots of the latest hits of the day, also traditional songs from all over the world, from european style to latino, from U.S. hits to oriental music. They played in lots of events as corporated parties, benefits concerts, advertising campaigns and more. Since the beginning they have improved constantly they’re style, repertoire, playing in clubs all over the country as well in Germany or Netherland, TV shows on National Television TVR2 , Kanal D, TVNeptun. Cover band for „Green Hours”at TVNeptun since 2010, cover band of the „Live Zone Magazine” estival TV show on Mamaia Beach & Tomis Resort, everyday all summer time on TVNeptun national television, the years between 2009 and 2014 has been very full years. That’s way KR’EM is more than a band. It’s a brand. The arrangements, the good intuition for customers preferences, and the fact that they have good vocals and backing vocals makes them a good choice for any entertainment needs.

Updated:  January 22, 2014

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