Ronnie Sando Resume

      It was 1987 and I was in the Hall Of Fame Lounge in Nashville and my dear friend ELMER FUDPUCKER introduced me to DJ FONTANA ELVIS's former drummer,and that changed my life forever. DJ and I became friends and he put together "the former members of the ELVIS PRESLEY BAND and the JORDANAIRES and we went into the studio and did two sessions and came up with "THE REUNION IN NASHVILLE" EP, and then topped it off to a complete album under a copyrite name RJ COLTIN.It was there that I became friends with CHARLIE HODGE, ELVIS's guitar player and closest friend.Charlie and I spent time together when I would come into Nashville to record or if I was doi'ng a concert with"the former members of the ELVIS PRESLEY BAND" and we talked a lot about ELVIS.Charlie told me that ELVIS would sing spiratuals at Graceland and Charlie would play piano and the back-up singers would accompany ELVIS singing.He said that ELVIS was worried about gaining all the weight that he was having a hard time on stage at his concerts.Charlie told me that he suggested to ELVIS to learn some piano and put together a show where he would be on stage at the piano along with the band and back-up singers dressed in a tuxedo singing his greatest hits and ELVIS liked that idea.But due to his untimly death it never happened. Charlie suggested to me that due to the similarity of my voice to ELVIS's I should think about doi'ng that show when I was with him one time,and I told him I was'ent ready to do that.I had to leave Nashville due to my son being involved in a near death motorcycle accident and left the buisness for a spell.I never forgot the idea about the show, and the fact that I owned a copyrite on the name "the former members of the ELVIS PRESLEY band" with me being one of the originals at the time of the copyrite,and I decided to put the show together.Charlie said he would come to the opening, but passed away last year,and that never happened but it did'nt deter me it took two years until i could find the right players good enough to carry the name of the band on,but i finally did, and put together the show "ELVIS NOW 2009" and we have been playing to sold out crowds every show ,do'ing three enchores to a crowd dancing in the isles.Hanging behind me at every show is one of ELVIS's original Las Vegas Jumpsuits that Charlie gave me along with the documentation.I owe it all to CHARLIE HODGE, and DJ FONTANA because of them my name RJ COLTIN/RONNIE SANDO is affiliated with the greatest name in music ELVIS PRESLEY.I came a long way from the coal fields of Pennsylvania to the "ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME" along with DJ FONTANA,and ELVIS, and my dearest friend ELMER FUDPUCKER.Along the way I met some super friends in Nashville, and a lot of wonderful fans that guided me along my road and for that I'm gratefull,and in 2006 received my firt Gold Record for a song I co-wrote and sang"ROCKING ON THE MOON" visit my web site for pictures and videos ,and God bless America and our troops there the greatest.

Updated:  September 9, 2009

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