Rose - Marie Soncini Resume

      ROSE-MARIE SONCINI, flute,
The International Flautist Rose-Marie Soncini was born in Berne, Switzerland. She emerged as an extremely talented Flautist, and it was here she that was invited to study at the Conservatory of Music, Berne, where she graduated with distinction in the Flute.
Rose-Marie Soncini subsequently went on to study with Marcel Moyse and the internationally renowned virtuoso, James Galway.
In great demand leading as an ensemble player she has been a member the Municipal Orchestra of Metz, France, and the Société d'Orchestre in Bienne, Switzerland. Her growing reputation as a performer in larger chamber situations saw her leading the woodwind as Principal Flute with Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, Palermo. She is regularly invited to play as soloist for this and many other ensembles in Italy, Switzerland, Romania, the USA and China.
Invited to give the Italian premiere of Lukas Foss' Renaissance Concerto, the world premiere of the flute concerto "Peter-Peter Pan", piccola fantasia notturna (2000) of Matteo D'Amico, she was also a soloist at the XVII Festival Nuova Consonanza in Rome.
She is in great demand giving recitals and chamber music concerts in various European prestigious destinations and also Tunisian concert organizations. She was invited as a soloist at the National Flute Association's Convention in Minneapolis, and in a period spanning the mid 1990's she toured the States with varying chamber music programmes ranging from baroque to contemporary music. All very enthusiastically received. She played as a Flute soloist with orchestras in Switzerland, the USA and Romania.
Her increased profile as a chamber music specialist saw her successful collaboration with the Swiss concert artist, pianist and duo player Esther Flückiger. As a duo with Esther Flückiger, the Flautist Rose-Marie Soncini has undertaken several tours in Europe (Italy and Switzerland) and participated at the "2003 International Festival of Women in Music Today Seoul", in 2006 in Miami and in 2008 in Beijing. In 1997 she formed the "Duo Duende" with Milan guitarist Maria Vittoria Jedlowski who specializes in contemporary music and in music of women composers. Over the past decade she has also worked with Swiss pianist Hanny Schmid Wyss.
She participated at the Women's Music Festival "Fra Nord e Sud" in Rome, Berne and Milan in the 1990's up to the Milennium. She also played Vivaldi flute concertos in Vivaldi's church in Venice with the "Putte Veneziane" during that period and had the opportunity to work with the world renowned Orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
A broadcasting artist she has broadcast for the RAI in Italy and the Swiss Radio DRS 2. As a recording artist she has recorded CD "Le musiche delle donne nel duemila" (MAP) and, more recently, the CD "Duende" (eco).

Updated:  November 7, 2008

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