Cem C. Moreno Resume

Fethi Cem Caylak was born in Turkey, 1978. His interest in music began early in 1988 while accompanying his musician father on the keyboard, but he realized his true calling when he was introduced to the guitar in his highschool years. In 1996, he began studying at the conservatory of 9 Eyl├╝l University in Izmir while taking his first steps towards a career as a professional musician. In the following years he accompanied many singers with his guitar as well as with his voice as a back-up vocalist. He excelled in music as the lead singer of his own grup called Moreno. Having made a lasting impression on the music community with his successful combination of latin music rumba-flamenco Bresillian jazz, Cem continues with his endeavors in both Turkey and Sweden.

Updated:  April 30, 2008

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